Promotional sales scenario

Website operators benefit from reach on ads

Self-marketed ads, affiliate links, advertorials, native ad articles - they all need traffic

Every click on an ad = sales

With the kontextR Technology, the website operator can automatically set advertising links in his editorial articles. With a click, the user either comes to an external landing page, for example from an affiliate program, or lands on the publisher's own page in a monetized advertorial or native ad article.

Widget video demo

Where do the ads come from?

kontextR is first and foremost a technology manufacturer for publishers. Ie kontextR does not bring ad marketing itself. The publisher sells advertising to advertisers and uses it kontextR inText links for play and click generation on the ads.

Affiliate service for publishers

There is also the option against a share in sales that the publisher receives many affiliate campaigns suggested by our team of experts. That means we create affiliate campaigns for you from the relevant networks, e.g. Amazon, which could always be activated or stopped by the publisher in a controlled manner.

Clicks x CPC = Revenue for the publisher

A publisher that markets its keywords like Google and can negotiate good CPC deals generates new advertising sales.

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