Paid content scenario

Website operators benefit from reach in the paywalls

Publishers and other content providers rely on paid content

Reach + conversion = sales

For more subscription contracts and relevant sales volume, a lot of coverage in the Paywall content is required so that the user can see what he is getting. The better the funnel is managed, the higher the conversion rate. At both points, every paid content provider has to work intensively.

Where does the traffic come from?

Whether ads, social media or collaborations - external providers such as Goolge and Facebook are required in all cases. With kontextR PLUS + gives the website operator a new form of range generation! By searching all free articles for keywords in the text and automatically linking them optimally to the payment content, you yourself take care of your paid traffic. At the same time, context-sensitive links increase the conversion rate, since the reader is led from one topic article to the next fee-based article with a similar content.

Widget video demo

kontextR as a click machine

With inText links to matching keywords in the text, the technology generates several million new links every day. This generates a high number of clicks because readers click web links more often than average.

Full service for publishers

The special thing kontextR PLUS + is that our experts manage everything for you. This means that the website operator does not have to do anything after installing the script and we take over the range generation for paid content or plus content. Namely sales-optimized.

kontextR Formats + full service = kontextR PLUS +

More on paid content and kontextR PLUS + offer here.

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