Widgets - reach for content and advertising

Are you a publisher and want to quickly create your own inText widgets?

Customizable widget formats with keyword targeting

Own style

Every publisher has specific needs and corporate design guidelines. Dozens of settings (e.g. colors, fonts, image sizes) or pre-made templates (e.g. Instagram styles) are available.

Fast and easy

Publishers can create widget campaigns in a few seconds. The tool is self-explanatory without training. Together with customers, the advertising format can even be adjusted live.

More reach for more sales

The publisher can use inText widgets for high reach for their own content or advertising. For example, as automated teasers on advertorials, native ads, videos, paid content. No editor has to insert and remove the widgets in thousands or millions of URLs when the campaign period has expired or the display limits have been exceeded.

Widget video demo

Special formats

Applications or iframes that meet our technical specification can also be loaded into the widget. For example, a car configurator or a tariff calculator that responds to keywords in the article text (e.g. electrical engineer). kontextR also develops customer-specific solutions.

Full control

kontextR is not an ad network, but a software manufacturer for publishers. Therefore, publishers have data sovereignty and full control over where and how widgets are placed. For example, whether in or at the end of the text, in certain categories or only if certain keywords appear in the editorial article.


Im kontextR All campaigns can be viewed in the cockpit and publisher-specific settings can be configured. Detailed reports on campaign performance, A / B tests and keyword data are available.

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