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Are you a publisher and want to quickly create your own inText links?

Keyword inText links for publishers

Click-strong format

An inText link is a linked keyword with an optional logo behind it. A keyword can consist of several words. The format is also perfect for mobile, since links in text, unlike most banners, remain visible.

Quick and easy

Publishers can create link campaigns in a few seconds. The tool is self-explanatory without training. With the tool, editors can quickly and automatically place suitable links in their current (and also older articles) and expand them again. So you can save a lot of time.

Very high click rates

InText links achieve very high click rates due to the contextual reference. With the right logo behind the keyword, readers can be given an even better signal of what to expect when they click. This way you can increase the click rate and generate more sales.

Widget video demo


Im kontextR All campaigns can be viewed in the cockpit and publisher-specific settings can be configured. Detailed reports on campaign performance, A / B tests and keyword data are available.

Many use cases

inText links are ideal for internal links to native ads or as navigation elements between individual topic pages. Internal links can even be played in a SEO-relevant way. In addition, additional sales can be generated with affiliate or ad campaigns

Own style

The publisher has the choice whether a logo should be placed behind linked keywords or not. There is also the option of displaying logos only when the mouse is over. So that text links integrate seamlessly into articles, they adapt to the style of the respective website. A reader cannot distinguish links without a logo from native links.

Full control

kontextR is not an ad network, but a software manufacturer for publishers. Therefore, publishers have data sovereignty and full control over where and how links are placed. Using blacklists and whitelists, they determine in which articles links can be incorporated. You can also customize the number of links per article and the distance between them.

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