inText expand links with widgets

Link behind keyword [with logo] opens [on-hover] below a widget

The inText-Expand or so-called fold-out format uses the respective best-of from inText links and inText widgets

Expand link with widget

In order to gain more advertising and content space for mobile devices as a publisher, the new drop-link format is the ideal solution. Instead of a redirect to a landing page, a widget opens down. This can include banners, videos or user engagement applications (e.g. surveys) that are integrated via iFrame.

inText link with optional logo

As with our inText-Link formats, logos or pictograms can optionally be used here. This helps the reader to make it clear that when he clicks on the logo, he is given content. Publishers decide which logos are used for each campaign set by the publisher.

Keyword targeting

As always with kontextR the focus is on the context. This means that only the keywords stored by the publisher are linked in the editorial text and optionally provided with a logo. This ensures that the content or an ad is always made available to the reader according to the context.

Organic reach

For content marketing in particular, publishers can achieve high organic reach with the kontextR Generate software. Thousands or even millions of older article URLs that are hardly manageable by the editors and still receive traffic via Google, for example, are thus made usable again. This creates reach for current content or ads marketed by the publisher.

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