inText links for Ads & Content

autom. Text links optionally with logo behind the keyword (for hover)

As a publisher, you market your keywords for yourself Reach on advertorials or native ads or want to join Campaigns by kontextR Earn money?

inText link with optional logo

Brand logos, product images or pictograms make it clear to the reader what is hidden behind an inText link. A hint text can also appear via mouse-over (eg display). So fulfilled kontextR the conditions for labeling links.

Additional proceeds

Offer your advertisers lucrative keywords for linking. This allows publishers to market their keywords to advertisers in the same way that search engines sell keywords. Also offers kontextR campaigns that publishers can start and stop at any time in the cockpit tool with one click.

Video demo

Organic reach

Many premium publishers market advertorials or native advertising articles on their own pages. Advertisers are increasingly requesting secure readership figures as to whether the articles have actually been seen. kontextR ensures that all your editorial articles that contain certain keywords generate exactly the traffic that you sold to the Adveritser.

Management tools

Control the success of your campaigns with the kontextR CMS, the cockpit, and find out which keywords are performing on your traffic.

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