Call-to-action widgets - More reach for conversion optimization

Place the CTA button automatically to match the text with keyword targeting

Install the conversion button in a context-sensitive manner

Individual design

With the iFrame widget you can place individual HTML snippets, such as a CTA button via keyword targeting. For the design, publishers can use many templates. We are happy to support you in creating your own designs via HTML and CSS.

Small but effective

These widgets are comparatively small, but can have a big impact on sales.

Full control

kontextR is not an ad network, but a software manufacturer for publishers. Therefore, publishers have data sovereignty and full control over where and how widgets are placed. For example, whether in or at the end of the text, in certain categories or only if certain keywords appear in the editorial article.

Image text banner in expand link format

Even if they are already small, you can hide CTA widgets with an inText expand link to save even more space. The widget only appears when you click on a suitable keyword.

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