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Content links with SEO effect

Automatic recognition of keywords in the text and linking to topic pages, (plus) articles, etc.

We link your texts fully automatically

More sales

By content links we mean the internal links between content, such as articles or videos, that match thematically. Even if it is not immediately apparent, these links also have a major impact on a publisher's sales. Because they cause users to click from one content to the next. This results in more page impressions per unique user, a longer retention time and generally higher sales per user. In addition, content links also help with navigation on the page and thus score points with a high level of user acceptance.

Internal links with SEO relevance

With this feature, publishers have the option of making internal inText links SEO-relevant by not setting a nofollow tag for them. In contrast to external links (links to another domain), which are mainly used for advertising purposes, internal links are used to navigate between articles. This is not only great for the users, but Google also rewards well-placed links that lead to further thematically appropriate articles.

Relief for the editorial staff

As a special service, we offer our customers to set up content link campaigns for them. In consultation with the publishers, we create campaigns that link from the editorial articles to the higher-level topic pages.

Dynamic destination URL

With the placeholder "% keyword%" you can dynamically design the destination URL of a campaign. When you click on a keyword, such as "finance policy", the placeholder is then replaced by this keyword. For example, when clicking on the keyword, users can refer directly to the relevant topic page. The keyword placeholder therefore offers many options and takes on additional work, because a separate campaign does not have to be created for each URL

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