Image-text widgets - individual banners with keyword targeting

Now install article teasers wherever they fit thematically.

All freedom with image-text widgets

Individual design

With the image-text widget format, image-text combinations can be displayed in a customizable banner and displayed via keyword targeting. Publishers have all the freedom and can adapt the design with CSS to their own guidelines. A widget can also consist of only one image and contain no text.

Perfect as an article teaser

Image-text widgets are perfect as article teasers for native ads and advertorials. In this way, traffic can be directed to where publishers generate the most sales.

Widget video demo

Many design templates

Publishers who do not have their own designs can also use our design templates. Only the image and the text have to be set here. A widget campaign can therefore be created in just a few seconds. We are happy to help publishers create their own widget style via CSS.

Full control

kontextR is not an ad network, but a software manufacturer for publishers. Therefore, publishers have data sovereignty and full control over where and how widgets are placed. For example, whether in or at the end of the text, in certain categories or only if certain keywords appear in the editorial article.

Image text banner in expand link format

In order not to take up too much space, you can hide image-text widgets (like all widget formats) in an inText-Expand link. The widget only appears when you click on a suitable keyword.

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