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Reach is one of the most important currency of publishers. Reach on advertising (ad impressions) for monetization. Traffic to your own editorial content is just as important so that readers stay on the page longer.

What is the problem of website operators?

Content recommendations or advertising are usually displayed next to or below the editorial text. However, these are Areas on smartphones or due to already overloaded websites not available due to space constraints or rarely visible to readers.

Not to forget, what should the targeting of this content look like? So which content is exciting for which reader? And who should do that? The editorial office?

Since mobile use is increasing rapidly, is therefore hardly any content and ad space available on mobile for advertising, to earn money.

In addition, most automated solutions often require critical ones User data. At the same time legal regulations are increasingly preventing use.  

So how can data protection conform and without effort for the site operator without manual effort entire page marketed be? 

automatic keyword recognition and linking - optionally with logo and configurable number per article

Our solution: inText links with keyword targeting

Use links for content and advertising in the texten no space. The Links also match the content of the article.

In contrast to the usual banner advertising, which mostly play retargeting ads based on user data, we focus on which topic a user is currently dealing with. This is how we ensure that a user does not perceive the advertising or content recommendations as disruptive and as added value.

Uur high click rates of 0,5-2% show that readers like to click in text links. For comparison: the average for banner advertising on the side of the page is approx. 0,05%. The combination of inText formats and context is a user-friendly and click-strong solution to create additional advertising space on desktop and mobile and generate new sales.

The Keyword targeting can also be used in other inText formats such as our inText widgets be applied. In a widget between or at the end of the text paragraph you can Image-text elements, entire iFrames or video players Loading. 

in text formats

  • inText links are linked keywords in the editorial text. An inText-Link campaign contains a lot of keywords and a target url. If one of the keywords is found in an article, a link is automatically placed at this point. Optionally, a logo can be placed behind it. So you can signal to the user where a click would take him. In addition, logos make it easier to click, especially on mobile.
  • InText widgets Any text can be displayed between paragraphs of text, whether image-text banners, videos or other applications via iFrame such as share prices. With widgets, too, keywords are targeted in the editorial text, so that the widget only appears when certain keywords or combinations appear in the article.


This is kontextR a kind of Google Ad-Words for publishers. This enables them to market their own keywords to advertisers. Publishers deal with the kontextR Software, as a monthly SaaS model to be paid for, is more independent of external reach providers and provides new reach itself, from the publisher's own editorial substance, so to speak. Whether on advertising or just on exciting content for the reader.

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