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According to the BDZV 2020, paid content is the core strategy of most publishers

Digital subscription - also your strategy No.1?

For most publishers Paid content is the central strategyto monetize their content exclusively.

More and more people are paying for digital content online. That offers the chance that Editorial online content appropriately remunerated .

Digital subscriptions Significant amounts, however, do not fall from the sky. This requires one clear strategy and investment in people and technology.

Do you want to introduce or scale a digital subscription? We have built a digital subscription sales calculator for you with the most important metrics and KPIs for your Plus!

Where should the reach for your paid content come from?

Every publisher who wants to scale a digital payment offer poses the strategically important question:

How can as many readers as possible be made aware of the offer?

Anyone who offers a digital product knows that the Marketing an immense challenge represents.

It can fail because of costs, time, resources and responsibilities. Simply advertising the digital subscription in your own print edition is not enough. New target groups and customer needs are not achieved in this way.

On the other hand, no seasoned publisher wants traffic from grace Google Facebook & Co instructed .

How do you get more of your online readers to buy a subscription?

The tried and tested strategy is that you do a lot more of your existing Online readers send in payment areas! There, the user only recognizes how exciting the Plus article is by reading the article mostly free of charge.

The The best advertising is the paid content itself. Then the customer knows where he is and buys.

But be careful! Sending people blindly into any content, however good, is dangerous. It is therefore important where the user comes from. He was before in the same context or was he just tempted to click on the payment URL via an exciting title? The conversion rate is usually much higher in the first case.

The solution kontextR PLUS + for more paid content subscribers

kontextR Plus + is our agency service to Reach procurement with inText links in free content on Plus articles. A publisher gets one Experts assigned the click performance in your paid content managed, optimized and reports.

inText links have the highest click rates, so that new readers are made aware of the payment offers in large numbers in their free articles.

Because the user has a similar keyword context in paid content with the same keywords the probability of a subscription purchase is high.

The Website operators always have full control and can in many Define settings exactly, where, when, how (often) links are set .

How shall we do it?

In 8 years of experience we have learned on countless publishing sites how inText links with Keyword targeting in editorial articles function.

We use the kontextR Automation technology. Because nobody in the world could manually identify the relevant keywords several times a day in up to several million publisher URLs. Let alone link to new suitable current paid content and track or optimize the performance live.

After the simple installation of the kontextR Scripts does that kontextR-PLUS team the rest and the Customer has no effort. All paid articles are tagged with keywords and in kontextRSystem. The platform ensures that automatically links these keywords in the publisher's many thousands of URLs to matching paid articles in real time .

Our OFFER for paid content providers

Start with now kontextR PLUS your additional subscription marketing!

Only in the Combination of manpower with experience and scalable tools can this service be offered at all? We operate the technology according to your wishes and Your subscription sales are increasing!

The kontextR GmbH is the No. 1 Software provider for inText formats with keyword targeting for premium websites. We know that we can generate thousands of clicks and new subscription income for you every day.

We offer you one four-week trial period our service one reasonable price at cost at. In certain cases, where a publisher already provides this, for example via an affiliate, we also offer one Performance-based compensation

You analyze your additional revenues by kontextR PLUS and then decide whether you want to continue the service.

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