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Bei kontextR is our primary goal for our publishing customers to develop new UX formats that no one else has. In order for us to succeed, we have always been developing a Chrome extension for a year, with which users can test a solution and we can learn. See also our font ZOOM plugins (download here for Chrome or WordPress).

On the one hand, we use extensions first to find out what an optimal reader experience should look like after multiple iterations with users; on the other hand, to be able to port the solution technically to publishers on websites without much effort.

More transparency for readers

We have often received the wish from publishers that the reader should have a mouse-hover over the kontextR Link or optional logo should get a preview. In such a way that it is not annoying to use.

The solution is also a real performance gain for editors who want to research or quickly check internal links for meaningful content. We ourselves use the plugins intensively for our own blogs.

Download the extension

After a few months of development, we have now published the Chrome Extension "Link Preview" in the store. Easy here. download if you use the Chrome browser.


  • optionally adjustable, with or without landing page favicon logo (on mouse hover)
  • with or without a preview, but also show the title of the target URL behind the keyword


The solution is being considered that we on WordPress and for kontextR-Publisher port. Ie too kontextR-Links will be provided with the preview if there is demand. Broken-link checker and fraud-link information for phishing links can also be very exciting for readers and thus web and shop operators.

Your feedback

What wishes would you have for your website? Simple Fill out the form here (about 1min), which would help you.

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