Digital subscription calculator

Would you like to calculate whether a plus paywall is worthwhile for your digital content or would you like to expand the existing subscription business?

We have built a calculator for you

This tells you which metrics are relevant to establish a paywall as a publisher.

You can quickly and easily calculate a valid business case to see whether further efforts to introduce a paid digital offer are worthwhile.

We think that the default values ​​we store are exciting for different metrics. These result as average values ​​(as median) from our experience with many publishers who offer Digital Plus subscriptions.

Did you use the calculator to calculate that digital subscriptions are fundamentally exciting for you?

Then you need more key figures for a detailed business plan.

Because paywalls have to be designed individually for each website. This also includes metrics and KPIs such as retention rate, trial months, metered model options, etc.

Advisory service for paywall metrics

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We would be happy to advise you on how to set up or optimize your paywall. Regardless of whether you are ours kontextR Want to use PLUS service.

Excel sheet for your business case

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For this purpose, we provide an Excel sheet with which you can get to know all values, including the average values ​​we have learned on the market, and can easily and quickly calculate your business case in detail over certain periods.

You also want to know how much additional subscriptions you have kontextR Earn Plus?

With our technology and managed service we create new ranges in your paywall. Because the more readers open your Plus articles and reach the payment barrier, the more deals you will get.

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