How to get access?

It´s easy, just request an ID from us for free and you are good to go with automated-text-links and -widgets!

Get started today generating huge traffic on your website. 

WordPress or JavaScript?

For WordPress-Websites we provide a WordPress-Plugin. When requesting access you just have to insert the Access-ID we will send you via Email. 

For websites not running WordPress, especially very big premium publishers, our JavaScript is the right choice. When you request access, we then will email you the JavaScript and a Guideline how to install on your website easily.

WordPress is free

Use automated Content- & Ad-Links

We will provide you wilth predefined Amazon and Wikipedia campaigns. So you can start without to think about keywords, etc.

You can add additional campaigns

When having access to our tool "Cockpit" you can also create your own keyword-campaigns. That means, if you want certain keywords automatically linked to a certain url, it automatically does on all your urls onsite. 

To be continued...

In the Cockpit we add new campaigns for you. Feel free to start or edit them. E.g. Google-Maps, so keywords linke "New York" are automatically linked to Google-Maps or insert a Widget into your URLs.

JavaScript is on cost for Premium-Publishers

All features of WordPress

Big publishers have additional requirements, like phone support.

Get our manage Service to automatically link to your paid-content

Premium-Publishers with paid-content need lots of traffic into their paywalls to win new subscribers. With automaticated links we generate new subscriptions. 


Depending on the traffic and service you need, pricing starts with 499€ per month. For small Websites the service is for free! Of course everybody can test for free for a few weeks. 

Want to know more?

Let´s have a call and we explain in detail about automated links and if the it fits to your needs.