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inText formats with keyword context targeting for publishers as SaaS

SaaS Solution for Publishers

so that editorial websites generate new revenue by creating inText campaigns for their advertisers. The software generates many clicks with the help of inText-Links and inText-Widgets.

Additional traffic

for their sold native ad & advertorial campaigns. Publishers generate more traffic on their own editorial content. This creates clicks from the existing substance without the editorial staff having to worry about them.

What's special about it?

kontextR Links and widgets are played out according to keywords in the editorial article. Thus the contents always fit to the text. No user data is collected and used.

Various inText formats


Linked keywords in the editorial text with optional logo behind it


Freely designable widgets - whether image/text combination or embedded iFrame

inText Expand-Link

Combines both formats. A widget only appears when you click on an inText link.


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Generierte Klicks

In the video explained: How kontextR works

Sehen Sie sich das Video an, wie kontextR funktioniert?